Peanuts Comic Strip by Charles Schulz to be Featured Film!


Charles Schulz lived from 1922 to 2000 as an American Cartoonist. He was famous for his Peanuts comic strip which featured Charlie Brown and Snoopy.


His comic strips would turn into TV cartoons and now they will be made into a featured film. Coming November 2015 is the official Peanuts Movie

Merry Christmas to all the readers of Storm Gardens blog

This is a BIG, SPECIAL, HAPPY day for Storm Gardens blog, because this is the first time ever in the world! Storm Gardens blog has had a Christmas. Storm Gardens the next generation hollywood website itself has now seen its third wonderful Christmas!

Over the years there has been many Christmas posts to Storm Gardens,

Check out “A Christmas Robbery” by MEGAJAMESSTUDIOS!!!


Enjoy your Christmas and Happy Holidays!


Inspiring words from Pendleton Ward the creator of Adventure Time!


Good morning everyone worldwide! Quotes of wisdom can be some of the powerful statements ever read. Especially when they are coming from the people who you admire most because they are the ones actually living out their dreams. 

Pendleton Ward is a huge success in the animation field. In many ways his animation show has redefined what modern television animation is. His animation show of course is called Adventure time which aired on cartoon network for the first time, April 5, 2010. The show stars two characters named Finn and Jake, who have an uncanny, and unique chemistry. Adventure Time is a highly imaginative, and extremely creative cartoon show. The TV cartoon has many influences, one the biggest being the role playing game, Dungeon and Dragons. 


Adventure Time is being considered a game changer of its day for many reasons. Whether is be the new unique style, or how it is setting new trends for the standard of modern television animation. It is largely because this cartoon is able to appeal to not just kids but to young adults as well. We suggest if you haven’t watched Adventure Time already, to be sure to make it a high priority, of your schedule this week. So all the other thing like go to work, or responsibilities, just do another day or after you get a chance to check out Adventure Time by Pendleton Ward.


Have an excellent week everyone and be sure to check out new animations on,


Happy Birthday Charles M. Schulz! Creator of The Peanuts

About a week ago on November 26th 2013 Charles M. Schulz would have been 91 years old today. 

He is the creator of The Peanuts with iconic characters that have shaped our culture like Charlie Brown and Snoopy. 

His Peanut characters made their first appearance on October 2, 1950.

His cartoon comic strip The Peanuts became a huge success and ran for practically 50 years, in 75 countries. 

Overall Charles M. Schulz is a legend to the cartoon world and should be honored as such. Hope your having a great Birthday week up their Charles!



Rockstar Jones Anthem by Makomali RATED R

Makomali is a dedicated member to Storm Gardens. Him and his studio “Adult Wasteland” created this short music video animation. I would like to warn the audiences out their that it is explicit and this is for a mature audience only.


If you enjoyed this then check out the rest of Makomali’s work

Free Storm Gardens Bands to whoever guesses this cartoonist!


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As the cartoonist will be revealed tomorrow!

Who is your favorite Cartoon Character?

That’s right I am actually asking you who is your favorite cartoon. Animation has been around for over a  hundred years now, and overtime the styles have changed drastically. Of course within any living and breathing art form there is evolution that takes place and change is inevitable. So I want this to be involved in your decision. I want you the readers to think about how long animation has been around for and consider all the wonderful characters we have come to love over all of these years. Think about Bugs Bunny with his clever antics, to Joe Murray’s Rocko’s Modern Life and how he broke the mold in many ways by making animation more acceptably edgy. When it comes to edginess in animation no one has pushed it further than Trey Parker and Matt Stone with South Park. We look forward to hearing your favorite characters!Image