90s Cartoon Party by Makomali

Makomali is at it again! with the release of his parody cartoon “90s Cartoon Party.”


This epic musical animation features a song by Makomali and Arcticfront originally for the Rockstar Jones Anthem

Also included in many of you favorite cartoon characters from the 90s.


Baby Gino animation from Adult Wasteland

Makomali released last night Adult Wasteland’s latest character Baby Gino


Baby Gino is a gun toting mobster who runs his town. Adult Wasteland plans to release many more animations in the coming weeks. The best way to keep tabs on them is to become an “official fan” on their website http://www.adultwasteland.com


Enjoy your day!


Hitler’s Magical Mustache OFFICIAL TRAILER

Makomali of Adult Wasteland has finally release the official trailer to the long awaited animation

Hitler’s Magical Mustache


Many mysteries circle around World War 2. The biggest one is being revealed, detailing the truths of the myth behind Hitler’s mustache!