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JP McGuire has been a buddy of mine for over a decade now. We meet on when I came across his outstanding cartoons. What stood out to me from the other cartoons was his writing. He really told a story in his animations. He is the first cartoonist I met and probably the last who served in the military. He’s a real dude, with real wisdom and talent.

Read his story below, but first…

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Hey everybody!
JP McGuire here.

I’ve been a professional animator now for about 13 years.

Back in 2005, I created Mama’s Boy.

I wanted to break the mold of shows about “dads and their families” that was constantly being displayed/sold to me on my TV screen.

This show was more centered around a college student who still lives at home, engaging in episodes of college life/partying/existential crises, with his family members just kind of “being there as needed”. I also offered a (then) original style of “anime-characters-acting-american”.

Over a 5-year period of being stationed in the army (with a limited social life/between deployments) I created a pilot episode and a few completed episodes to follow.

Needless to say, the major networks did not welcome my new “campy” format, the early days of YouTube gave me a constant “fair use” headache with music/sfx, and although my animations received generally positive reviews online and a significant viral cult-following, I feel that Mama’s Boy never reached it’s full potential.

Fast forward a few years: I’m out of the military, trying to brave through a recession and trying to be what society wants me to be.

After a failed stint in corporate America, a few (albeit fun) few years back in college, and ultimately working off student loans behind a bar, I’ve been occasionally turning my eyes and ears towards new social media platforms.

Slowly but surely, I’ve been wanting to return to the one thing I was truly good at: animation.

The bottom line? Fuck society. I’ve always been a entertainer and the show must go on!

Through Patreon, I will showcase my older animations…and make plans to complete new ones.

With your support, Joey’s story will be told/completed. And new stories will arise.

So there you have it, folks!

Please support me on Patreon

So that I can continue to bring you the best, most satirical animation my worldly (yet chaotic) mind can muster:

Thanks so much for your time; here’s to making you laugh: cheers!

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