How To Make More Money with your Comic Book Store

Are you excited about the new Avengers movie coming out?


Any other movies or Netflix series you’re looking forward to?

Spider-Man, Superman, Batman, Iron Man, Hulk, Dare Devil, The Punisher to Wonder Woman? You know all these characters well because you love comics.

Do you still idolize your favorite comic book characters as you did when you were a kid?

Then you should keep reading this…

You own a comic book store. You are passionate about comic book stories. That’s why you opened your local business.

inside comic book store

We love comic books too!

Side note, I am currently writing a comic book series right now… but that’s another story.

Even adults still love comic books.

Our customers send us comic books all the time as gifts because they know we love Marvel & super hero stories.

My personal favorite is Spider Man…

What is yours?

I am not kidding.

Feel free to contact me personally. I genuinely would to love to hear who your favorite super heroes are and why you love comic books! There may be a gift for those who…? 😉

Regardless, you find yourself in your comic book store.

You may feel that other people don’t appreciate comics as much. They haven’t sold like they did back then.

old comic book store

The truth is they do. They still do.

I’ve seen it.

I certainly experienced it on Free Comic Book Day. My local comic book shop had a line that was beyond view. You would think Stan Lee was doing comic book signings the lines were so long.

comic book day

If you don’t believe it, just look at the top box office movies right now. Even better, look at the number one movie genre dominating movie theaters throughout the United States lately.

They are all about comic book super heroes.


You may have thought comic books today were just these novelty things. But people are picking them up and getting engaged again! Comic Books never left, they are only getting stronger and better.


Well that super hero solution that you have been exploring is here. We have a proven way that I personally guarantee will increase your revenue.

Now let’s begin to tell you how you will accomplish this goal. You own a Comic Book Shop and want to make more money. If you’re still reading this, it proves you are serious about making more money.


I am sure you can relate to this childhood dream I had and still do. It was to own the original spider man first edition comic book! This comic book is highly rare and can sell for as much as ten thousand or more.


If I were to give $10,000 dollars right now to buy that comic book. Would you take it yes or no?

Of course, you will say Yes, because you have been waiting your whole life for it. Now you have the chance to get it. If not Spider Man, we know you would love to have the first edition of your favorite super hero…


…We can give that to you.


Right here right now, I am giving it to you. The questions is?

Would you take it?

If you’re the type of person that thinks a few minutes to set up a simple eGift Card Shop is worth $10 grand or that 1st edition comic book….

Then this is for you.

Why would you say no to that comic book you have been dreaming of your whole life? You’re losing money every day by not having an eGift Card Shop. Sell eGift Cards for your comic book store. Once you say Let’s do this!, a funny thing will happen. You will start to see new customers. Plus, a larger bank account for you to browse online. To even becoming the best comic book shop in your own neighborhood.

Start to also sell novelty items like action figures and collectibles if you don’t already.


Beat Think Geek! Lol.

You are better than them and you know it.

Start selling eGift Cards for your comic book shop!

sell egift cards

Plus, there’s no risk! Literally 100% zero risk guaranteed!

doctor-strangeIt’s free to try our premium plan for 30 days. You’re not locked in to it and you can cancel anytime. There are no commitments. Here is the money under the rug you weren’t looking for! You are getting free access to our best plan for 30 days! Once you see your comic book shop start making extra money, it will become a no brainer to stick with Giftcard Suite.

wonder-women-calendarYou have 30 days to decide. That’s an entire month. That’s a lot of time! Ka Boom! 30 days! Think about what you can do in 30 days!?


A lot is what you can do in 30 days.

Look at your calendar and mark the date 30 days from now. On that date know that you will have more profits than you would of have not had without selling eGift Cards.

The faster you sign up the better you will make your life. Especially after all your day’s work is over and you look at your bank account online. 😉


So, let me ask you again?

spider man yes

Would you say Yes to that Dream Comic Book you always wanted?

Learn more about Selling Digital Gift Cards VIEW HERE.






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