Do Klasky Csupo hold the crown of 90s cartoons?

Klasky Csupo has some of the most recognizable cartoons born out of the 90s. Lets just name a few…

1. Rugrats

Air dates: 1991 – 2004


2. Wild Thornberrys

Air dates: 1998 – 2004


3. Aaahh!!! Real Monsters

Air dates: 1994 – 1997

ahh real monsters

4. The Wacky Adventures of Ronald McDonald

Air dates: 1998 – 2003


5. Rocket Power

Air dates: 1999 – 2004



Klasky Csupo reigned in the 1990s with hit cartoon series after the next. Some of which made it onto the silver screen. If you were born in the 1990s and watched Nickelodeon you knew most of these characters by name. During this decade, who else in the animation industry had this much success?

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