How to make money with Animation

Walt Disney had a dream to make his animations but with economic and financial demands he decided he had to make a living from his passion. This begs the question is it possible for independent animators to make money as well?

                The answer to that one is yes. You can make money with your animations. In this post I will give you a few tips/examples of ways you can accomplish this goal.

1.            Monetize your content with preloaded advertisements

–              Streaming an ad service before your animation can be a great way to earn revenue for your creations. The pros are it is simple and easy to set up depending on which ad service you choose. The cons are you may not make too much money if your content does not receive too many views. Also it may lower the value of your content if you stream an advertisement beforehand because the viewer may X out at the first sight of a streaming advertisement.

2.            Make animations for a business

–              The ability to animate well is a skill that is not possessed by many. Companies will pay you to create commercials, online media, and advertisements in the form of animation.  The pros are you can make good money but depending on your skill level, your pay check may range from high to low. The cons to working on a business related animation is that it may not be as exciting as working on your own creation.

3.            Upload your AdSense to Storm Gardens

–     offers a service that lets you put your AdSense on your content pages. This is a great and less intrusive way to gain revenue for your own work. The pros are your earning money through AdSense with your creations. There’s not really a con to this one other than there will be an advertisement on the same page as your animation but that’s how you will earn revenue. 


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