How many notable Animators are their in the world?

Well according to Wikipedia there are 135. The real reality to that questions is a sideways 8, … infinite. Animators and even notable animators are being realized every day. The internet has broadened the spectrum for artists of all walks to accrue a massive audience sometimes even overnight. Some notable animators from the web are Egoraptor, Marc M. and Ebolaworld. The benefit to being an animator online is there really are no creative boundaries. When you post to the web the decision is yours and you have to answer to ultimately no one when it comes to creative control as long as your independent.

                Some notable animators on television are Joe Murray the creator of Rocko’s Modern Life. Even he is creating online animations for the web now. Craig McCracken is another big inspiration for many up and coming animators for being the creator of The Power Puff Girls. Matt Groening the creator of possibly one of the biggest animation shows and could even be considered of the biggest television shows period, The Simpsons.


                Your opportunity to become a notable animator is there, the first step is to start! If you need a little inspiration take advice from the creator of the popular cartoon Adventure Time “Dude, suckin’ at something is the first step to being sorta good at something.”

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